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Vehicles only get you from A to B. Hmmm... clothes are only meant to keep you warm but who wears a suede front cardigan?

A VW Camper is all about style, individuality and freedom - until it breaks down then it's about yearning for a normal car, one that might actually get you from A to B.

It doesn't have to be that way. VW's don't go on forever, they are machines and machines need looking after.

Twenty five years experience in aircooled VW's says that we have the skills to keep you where you need to be, in the slow lane.

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VW Camper sales and service

Boxwagen offers VW Camper sales and service on the South Coast of England in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK.

We have full workshop facilities for VW camper vans of all years including routine servicing, MOT repairs, welding, accident damage repair, suspension lowering and performance upgrades.

We always have a good quality stock of VW campers for sale and occasionally other VW models, all of which will have been given a full service and thorough safety inspection by us.

There are always a number of our own VW Camper projects in progress which can be purchased at any stage and finished to your requirements.

Each camper project is extensively photographed (and logged in the projects section of this site) so you can see exactly the quality and amount of work that has gone into each vehicle.

All inspections are welcomed and we even offer our own classic VW inspection and valuation service so we can help you find your dream bus if we don't have what you're looking for.